Employers face new era of ADA compliance issues

By: Karen Elliott.

A recent Fourth Circuit opinion and state laws like New Jersey’s new pregnancy accommodation statute highlight the new era of compliance issues facing employers dealing with worker medical situations. Accommodating issues of temporary disabilities and pregnancy-related impairments, and whether to provide leave or reduced job duties as accommodations lead the list of issues for 2014.  [...]


Are E-Cigarettes A Reasonable Accommodation?

By: Karen Elliott.

Much has been written in the last several weeks about the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes).  States are proposing legislation to protect teens as well as prohibit use in public places.  But the answer to whether they are safe or not is not yet known.  With the rise in use, employers are already facing [...]


Is An “Unlimited” Leave Policy Good Business For You?

By: Annemarie Cleary.

A growing number of businesses are considering “unlimited” leave policies for their exempt employees.  Unlimited leave policies are excellent recruiting and retention tools that can foster a culture of trust and productivity at the right business.  But, the anticipated increase in efficiency and morale can be offset by a number of thorny issues that should [...]


Don’t Hang Mistletoe and Other Tips For Your Office Party

By: Annemarie Cleary.

Everybody loves a good holiday party.  And the office holiday party is no different.  It is a chance for co-workers to relax with one another and for employers to show their appreciation for their employees’ hard work all year long.  But there are perils involved and some things you, as an employer, can do to [...]


Workplace Laws Assist Victims of Domestic Violence

By: Faith Alejandro.

Victims of domestic violence often keep their secrets hidden from the workplace until they need leave to go to court, or don’t show up for work one day due to physical or psychological harm caused by a spouse or loved one. Many states are now protecting these absences with statutory protections. Thirteen states, including North [...]


To Pay or Not to Pay Furloughed Federal Contractors

By: Karen Elliott.

Many federal contractors are feeling the financial pinch of the shutdown. While Congress is wondering whether or not it should pay its employees for their furloughed time, private businesses who contract with the federal government for work (federal contractors) don’t have the luxury of either the government’s bank account or legal exclusions from certain wage [...]