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How Much Privacy Do Employees Have?

Much has been reported about the unfortunate young Hartford, Connecticut man whose arm was stuck in a furnace for three days . But no one apparently asked why someone from his work didn’t call pretty quickly to find out why he was no-call, no-show? In contrast, when Virginia’s tax commissioner failed to show up to […]


Background Checks – Not Necessarily A Prevention Of Murder In The Workplace

NBC’s June 4, 2010, Dateline featured Univ. of Ala. – Huntsville biology professor Dr. Amy Bishop, accused of shooting and killing several co-workers. The show asked: “Could knowing about Dr. Amy


Virginia Workplace Law Is Here For You!

Welcome to the first entry of Virginia Workplace Law. The national labor and employment law focus has greatly shifted, from “business friendly” to enhancing and enforcing employee protections and rights. It is now harder than ever for an employer to “stay in compliance.” The federal government has allocated an additional $15 million to the