The Pediatric Connection Makes an IMPACT

By: Mike DeCamps. This was posted Thursday, March 10th, 2011

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In today’s world, when businesses that begin in dorm rooms can grow in a decade to international phenomena, it is a rewarding experience for any attorney to work with individuals who build businesses from scratch. Indeed, those of us who practice Virginia employment law know that people – and the skills they bring to an enterprise – are usually the most important asset of any business’s success.

About twelve years ago, I was introduced to two people who thought they could make a difference by starting a home health care business for pediatric patients, often ones with long- term care needs. Working from an office park next to a shopping mall, The Pediatric Connection began with a handful of employees who performed every function necessary to service the client, from taking the order to picking the medical device up to delivering, setting up and servicing the equipment and billing for the service. With a small staff, it was necessary for everyone to do everything.

Growing pains were inevitable. Early on, the business was financially strapped and dealt with an assortment of legal issues from collections to patient issues, contracts, third party payer, real estate and personnel matters. The owners had an objective to accomplish, though. They recognized that the guiding principle was to build a business with employees who were committed to the mission of service to pediatric patients. Not only is such work rewarding, but the owners continually found ways to make it enjoyable and fun. In the process, they built a staff that was service conscious, not only to its clients but to the Greater Richmond Metropolitan area.

In 2010, these efforts culminated in the selection of The Pediatric Connection for the Impact Award, the highest annual business award given by the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce. Below is a video where you can meet one of the owners and learn more about the company’s success.

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