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Drafting Non-Competes Is Risky Business

For those of you who draft, work with and seek to enforce restrictive covenants, pay particular attention to the recent November 2011 Virginia Supreme Court decision in Home Paramount Pest Control Companies, Inc. v. Shaffer. At first blush, the case appears to be nothing more than another decision in a long line of recent decisions […]


Your Employees Are Mad as Heck and They Are Walking. . .to the EEOC

Heading to the office today, I heard a young man behind me say, “Well, I’d been there six- and-a-half years, so it was time to move on.”  A few steps later, I heard him add, “Well, it was time for me to get health insurance.” This random comment fell right in line with the just […]


Don’t Let Your Internship Turn Into A Black Swan

With over two years of recession, jobs have been closed for many, particularly new college graduates.  Many of these eager graduates are willing to work for nothing “Just to get the experience.”  Employers want to accommodate friends and neighbors and offer a work experience that will be meaningful on a resume.  So a marriage begins, […]