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Stop at the Intersection of Job Application and Facebook Login

At the intersection of social media and law today is whether employers can or should ask job candidates for their Facebook login information as part of the interview process or force candidates or employees to “Friend” someone at the company.


Another Client Accolade

We’re extremely pleased that Beth Bailey, co-owner of The Pediatric Connection, was recognized last night at the National Association of Women Business Owners meeting in Richmond as Entrepreneur of the Year. We have been privileged to serve as the firm’s legal team since the beginning. In fact, Beth and I talked a little over a […]


Twitter Job Search – Does It Discriminate?

Has your company joined the Twitter job posting trend?   If it has, you may unwittingly be discriminating against older applicants.  While many of the 40 and older set have acclimated to Facebook and Linked-In, Twitter still appeals predominantly to the under 40 age group.   While Twitter advertising may be economical, if you have 20 or […]


Rite of Spring: Requests for Internships

Has your phone started ringing with requests to provide internships for students eager to gain a line on their resume? If so, you are not alone. USA Today reports, however, that in light of recent litigation, companies are supporting fewer interns, fearful they will become the subject of a class action wage and hour lawsuit.  […]