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By: Mike DeCamps. This was posted Friday, March 23rd, 2012

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We’re extremely pleased that Beth Bailey, co-owner of The Pediatric Connection, was recognized last night at the National Association of Women Business Owners meeting in Richmond as Entrepreneur of the Year. We have been privileged to serve as the firm’s legal team since the beginning. In fact, Beth and I talked a little over a year ago about the expectations her company has for professional service partners on a video you can view here.

The Pediatric Connection provides medically necessary and compassionate home-based treatment services to children in Virginia from its offices in Richmond, Charlottesville, and Fredericksburg. In 2010, they were awarded the IMPACT Award by the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce for their company’s community service efforts as well as the depth and range of their innovative business commitment to healthy children.

Earlier this month, I attended a Richmond SHRM meeting on Great Places to Work. Two speakers shared their insights about what makes an organization a great place to work. Among the key values highlighted for success were having a mission that generates passion among the employees, a core commitment to the community, and a dedication to making the workplace a space where individuals can focus on their assignments but also take time to have some fun and enjoy what they do. Business owners who dedicate themselves to these values often find success in their entrepreneurial efforts and Beth’s award is a testimony to that achievement. Sands Anderson is proud to be associated with this company, whose humanitarian mission and heart-felt customer connection demonstrates the best kind of values-based business philosophy. Congratulations and continued success to Beth and The Pediatric Connection!

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