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Employers Who Have Nothing Nice to Say Should Say Nothing at All

With high unemployment rates comes increased demand on human resource departments to provide employee references. Even though many employers increasingly shield themselves from providing insight into the former employment relationship by using resources such as, many future employers trying to get a sense of their possible future employee still try the old fashioned telephone […]


Worker Classification Scrutiny Intensifies for Employers

The news for employers hasn’t been pretty this week. The Society of Human Resource Managers reports that the G-man, in the form of a Department of Labor (DOL) investigator, may show up unannounced at your door for a surprise inspection of your wage and hour records to make sure you have properly classified your employees.


Speaking of Website Accessibility

We’d like to thank the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce –¬†and in particular Mary Garber – for asking Annemarie Cleary and myself from Sands Anderson and Christian Munson and Dave Hess from CRT-tanaka to address the Chamber members on the importance of having a business’ webpage accessible to customers of varying abilities and needs. Many […]