Speaking of Website Accessibility

By: Karen Elliott. This was posted Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

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We’d like to thank the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce – and in particular Mary Garber – for asking Annemarie Cleary and myself from Sands Anderson and Christian Munson and Dave Hess from CRT-tanaka to address the Chamber members on the importance of having a business’ webpage accessible to customers of varying abilities and needs. Many business executives and internal web developers attended and the discussion was lively. It’s clear that the issue is of high interest and importance to a number of our clients and business partners.

Dave, who heads CRT-tanaka ‘s interactive division, had some really good comments and examples of best practices of providing information on a website. Many of his ideas are not difficult to implement.

If you have questions about website accessibility from the legal perspective, please contact a Virginia employment lawyer. If you are redesigning your site and want to be sure that people with disabilities have the chance to receive all the information you offer, call Christian or Dave at CRT.

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