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What Does the New Virginia Worker Privacy Law Mean for Your Business?

Starting July 1, 2013, employers in Virginia run a risk if they disclose “personal identifying information” about their current or former employees.  New Virginia Code §40.1-28.7:4 provides that “employers shall not, unless a listed exemption applies, be required to release, communicate, or distribute to a third party, any current or former employee’s personal identifying information.” […]


Black Swan interns are employees, not trainees

Summer brings an annual invasion, in thousands of businesses and in nearly every line of work, of a horde of talented, eager new interns.  They’re eager to pad resumes and make contacts.  Their new bosses are glad to impart life’s real world lessons and to know that there will always be someone around to pick […]


Layoffs Are on the Rise Again – Are Your Documents Updated?

This past week Richmond-headquartered Fortune 500 company Genworth Financial announced that it would lay off about 400 positions in a cost-cutting move. Shortly after that announcement, in discussions with other employment counsel around the country, it became clear that Genworth is not alone in making such a mid-year adjustment.  Many colleagues noted they have just […]