Virginia Dept. of Health offers Ebola advice for employers

By: Phyllis Katz. This was posted Monday, October 20th, 2014

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Many employers, particularly health care facilities, are concerned about the spread of Ebola through workplace contact(s).  There has been very little guidance until today.  The following link will connect you to the advice that the Virginia Department of Health has just released.  Before implementing any policy where an individual is excluded from employment (either as an applicant or continuing employment) based the responses to questions similar to those proposed by the VDH, an employer should contact an employment attorney.

VDH Guidance on Ebola for Health Care Providers

Sands Anderson’s employment attorneys and health care attorneys are well versed in advising on contemplated workplace changes that may be prudent or necessary to take. The team will keep you alert to future developments affecting the workplace.

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