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Faith Alejandro is a member of the Business and Professional Litigation group. She focuses her law practice in the areas of commercial and civil litigation with an emphasis on the defense of businesses and their executives from claims related to a wide range of commercial issues, and in professional liability matters. Faith's practice in commercial litigation also benefits from her work as a Judicial Law Clerk for the City of Richmond Circuit Court, 13th Judicial Circuit and her prior employment in mediation services as well as dispute resolution services at Virginia's Supreme Court.

Diversity and Inclusion: Not Just an Ideal, But a Client Demand

By Faith A. Alejandro and Terrence L. Graves Facebook recently announced a new policy: At least 33% of the lawyers hired to represent the social media giant must be a female or minority. Law firms vying to service Facebook’s legal work must demonstrate their active efforts to provide meaningful opportunities for women and ethnic minorities […]


Are Settlement Attempts Still Required for EEOC Charges?

Should attempts to settle discrimination lawsuits with the EEOC be made in good faith?  Employers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana think so and hope the Supreme Court of the United States will agree. Last month, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in an appeal from a case in the Seventh Circuit, which ruled last December […]


Workplace Laws Assist Victims of Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence often keep their secrets hidden from the workplace until they need leave to go to court, or don’t show up for work one day due to physical or psychological harm caused by a spouse or loved one. Many states are now protecting these absences with statutory protections. Thirteen states, including North […]


Tips for Handling an Employment Separation (video)

Video transcript: Employment separations are never easy or pleasant, but at times, you may find it necessary and in the best interest of your business. Whether you need to lay off an employee because of the economy or fire someone for cause, the termination process can be challenging.  But there are a few tips to […]


OSHA Wins: Zone of Danger Creates Employer Liability

On a construction site, isn’t it enough to protect employees from existing hazards? And what does it matter if no one actually got hurt? The Sixth Circuit recently answered these questions: “No it’s not enough,” and “Absolutely, it matters.” In All Erection & Crane Rental Corp. v. OSHRC, a crane rental company supplied a crane […]


Computer Abuse and Use: How Protected Are You?

If your company policies don’t adequately define employee parameters of computer access as well as usage, then your company may find itself losing to disgruntled employees who take or misuse company data.