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Speaking of Website Accessibility

We’d like to thank the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce – and in particular Mary Garber – for asking Annemarie Cleary and myself from Sands Anderson and Christian Munson and Dave Hess from CRT-tanaka to address the Chamber members on the importance of having a business’ webpage accessible to customers of varying abilities and needs. Many […]


So You Want A Bigger Office? Showing Complaining Employee the Door Is Costly

The newest in what is expected to be a long line of new cases to be filed under the revised ADA is the “cubicle case.” A worker at the University Medical Center in Nevada was fired for being unable to perform her job after she complained that her confined workspace caused her psychological distress due […]


ADA Final Regs In Effect

Today is the day the final regulations governing the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADAA), became effective. Much has been written heralding these new regulations which provide definition to the Act’s amendments, which were effective over two years ago. The media, including blogs, have largely focused on how the new regulations didn’t really change […]


When Your Super-Star Employee Loses His Sheen

Co-written by Donna Ray Chmura Imagine you are the owner of a business with about 50 employees.  Your product is well-known and there are limited suppliers in the United States.  Your best salesman generates about 50% of your company’s gross sales – or about $100 million a year.  He is on salary plus commission under […]