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Worker Classification Scrutiny Intensifies for Employers

The news for employers hasn’t been pretty this week. The Society of Human Resource Managers reports that the G-man, in the form of a Department of Labor (DOL) investigator, may show up unannounced at your door for a surprise inspection of your wage and hour records to make sure you have properly classified your employees.


Rite of Spring: Requests for Internships

Has your phone started ringing with requests to provide internships for students eager to gain a line on their resume? If so, you are not alone. USA Today reports, however, that in light of recent litigation, companies are supporting fewer interns, fearful they will become the subject of a class action wage and hour lawsuit.  […]


Don’t Let Your Internship Turn Into A Black Swan

With over two years of recession, jobs have been closed for many, particularly new college graduates.  Many of these eager graduates are willing to work for nothing “Just to get the experience.”  Employers want to accommodate friends and neighbors and offer a work experience that will be meaningful on a resume.  So a marriage begins, […]


Deju Vu All Over Again – Layoffs and Furloughs Return

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you will see that companies are going through another round of layoffs and furloughs. Just today, it is reported that the Richmond Times Dispatch is requiring employees to take 15 furlough days. This is their second furlough in two years. Don’t discount this news simply because it’s happening […]


Is Your Hand Raised or Are You Busy Texting?

Raise your hand if your pet peeves include people who text while driving. If you are an employer, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) expects to see your hand in the air. They also may want to see your workplace cell phone use policy prohibiting your employees from texting while driving on company business […]


ADA Final Regs In Effect

Today is the day the final regulations governing the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADAA), became effective. Much has been written heralding these new regulations which provide definition to the Act’s amendments, which were effective over two years ago. The media, including blogs, have largely focused on how the new regulations didn’t really change […]