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Beware EEOC’s Broad Power: Protect Your Trade Secrets

With EEOC complaints on the rise, employers should take note of a recent opinion reminding them that the EEOC may access “virtually any material that might cast light on the allegations against the employer.”


How Will You Welcome Home Our Veterans?

On May 1, 2012, President Barack Obama made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan during which he and Afghan President Hamid Karzai signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement. The Agreement spells out the plan for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan over the coming years.


Rite of Spring: Requests for Internships

Has your phone started ringing with requests to provide internships for students eager to gain a line on their resume? If so, you are not alone. USA Today reports, however, that in light of recent litigation, companies are supporting fewer interns, fearful they will become the subject of a class action wage and hour lawsuit.  […]


Supervisors Could Be Personally Liable for Leave Interference

In a case decided in late August, Weth v O’Leary, a federal court in Virginia sent a wake-up call to all public employer supervisors when it held that the Treasurer of Arlington County could be held personally liable for interfering with the rights of an employee who was on Family and Medical Leave.  The case has […]


Don’t Let Your Internship Turn Into A Black Swan

With over two years of recession, jobs have been closed for many, particularly new college graduates.  Many of these eager graduates are willing to work for nothing “Just to get the experience.”  Employers want to accommodate friends and neighbors and offer a work experience that will be meaningful on a resume.  So a marriage begins, […]


THE NLRB POSTER Much Ado About Nothing or a Sea Change in Employee Relations?

As has been widely reported, The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a final rule on August 25, 2011 requiring all employers subject to the NLRB jurisdictional standards to post an 11 x 17 notice form describing employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The new poster became available on October 1, 2011.