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Cat’s Paw Decision Puts Fable in Employment Law

Reflecting back over the last year, perhaps one of the most interesting employment cases involved “The Cat’s Paw” fable about the perils of allowing oneself to take action without regard to consequences due to the manipulative encouragement of another.


Deju Vu All Over Again – Layoffs and Furloughs Return

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you will see that companies are going through another round of layoffs and furloughs. Just today, it is reported that the Richmond Times Dispatch is requiring employees to take 15 furlough days. This is their second furlough in two years. Don’t discount this news simply because it’s happening […]


When Your Super-Star Employee Loses His Sheen

Co-written by Donna Ray Chmura Imagine you are the owner of a business with about 50 employees.  Your product is well-known and there are limited suppliers in the United States.  Your best salesman generates about 50% of your company’s gross sales – or about $100 million a year.  He is on salary plus commission under […]